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Is mobile the new billboard

So you are driving down the freeway at 50 miles per hour. You see a billboard – but do you read it? Do you
even notice it? Or do you pass it by without knowing it’s there?

Back in the day, when advertising was using non-digital means to nail its marketing campaigns, creatives used
to come up with a tight tagline to use on a billboard. The general rule was to get your message out in less than
eight words. Failure to do so constituted a weak campaign.

Ten years back, outdoor advertising was a multi-billion dollar market, but now you are lucky if someone even
notices your billboard.

So why is this?

This is mainly because 99% of the people on the street are on their mobile devices at one point or another.
This includes pedestrians and passengers in cars.
So what does this mean for your business? It means you need to adapt.

Applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have changed the way that businesses can communicate
with their target audience – and… they work much better on mobile devices.

Creating content relevant to these platforms will capture the exact audience you want to engage
with. The problem is that many companies view mobile responsiveness as unnecessary – and they’d be wrong!

Currently, 60% of all internet traffic comes through mobile devices… this means that if you don’t have a mobile
responsive website and social platforms, you are missing out on 60% of potential traffic to your site. And that
means 60% of potential leads!

Mobile billboard blog

So optimising your content to suit mobile devices has never been more critical than now.
This trick is to create rich, relevant content and HEADLINES that will grab a user’s attention in less than 2
seconds. Much like passing a billboard on a freeway, you have limited time and space to deliver your
message and grab someone’s interest. Otherwise, it’ll end up being thrown onto the ever-growing pile of
boring posts on news feeds and walls.

Here are our tips:

If you would like to have mobile responsive content created for your business – from mobile responsive
websites, through to content creation and social media management – then contact us today
at and start reaching ALL of your target markets.

  1. Keep your headlines to 8 words or less
  2. Use online tools (that also happen to be free) like Co-Schedule’s headline analyzer for a loose look at
    how well your headline is written and how likely it is to be shared across social
  3. Ask people if they can tell what your advertisement/article is about just by the headline
  4. (if an article) Break up your article into bite-size chunks of information
  5. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and can be viewed on all devices

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