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About Us

We find endless delight in the fun cheeky chaos of creativity

Welcome to our quirky little corner of the branding and marketing universe!

We're not your average agency – we're the mischievous masterminds behind the scenes, sprinkling creativity like confetti and turning your brand into the life of the party.

About Us
What we care about

We only have eyes for you


We believe that success comes from genuine connections and a deep understanding of your unique aspirations. With our team of passionate experts, we are dedicated to nurturing your brand and empowering your growth, because your success is our ultimate goal. You can Trust us to go the extra mile, providing personalised attention and tailored strategies that truly reflect your vision.

Your Customers

We go above and beyond to ensure that your customers are at the centre of our focus. We recognise that the success of your business hinges on building strong and meaningful relationships with your audience. That's why we are on a mission to not only understand, but deeply empathise with your customers, their needs, and their desires.

Your Business

We're more than a service provider – we're a dedicated partner invested in your business growth. With our expertise, industry insights, and meticulous attention to detail, we optimise every aspect of your brand for success. From crafting compelling messaging to designing captivating collateral, we're committed to elevating your brand presence and setting you apart from the competition.

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"From branding and web design, through to social media management and client liaison. We couldn't be happier. We have established ourselves in the industry and are growing rapidly."

Meet the Leadership team

Imagine having the dream team in your corner – Championing for you and your business.

We've curated a squad that's big enough to conquer your greatest challenges, while still maintaining that intimate and personal touch. Get ready to experience the best of both worlds with our talented, award winning team!

  • ShamalLBX Team

    Shamal Wijeweera
    Founder | Strategic Director

    A caffeine-powered idea machine,
    transforming brands with witty
    slogans and unstoppable strategies.

  • Ashleigh_1LBX Team

    Ashleigh Allan
    Founder | Creative Director

    Injecting brands with clever concepts, zany designs, and strategies so unstoppable they make the Energizer Bunny look like a slacker.

  • Harshi_1LBX Team

    Harshi Samarasekera
    Operations Manager


    A maestro of logistics, conducting
    the symphony of productivity with
    flair and finesse, leaving no T
    uncrossed or I undotted in her quest
    for operational perfection.

  • Harshana_1LBX Team

    Harshana Serasinghe
    Chief Technical Officer


    Mastermind of organisation, sculpting seamless systems with surgical precision. Driven by technological excellence with laser-like focus.

  • Karen_2LBX Team

    Karen Prado
    Project Co-Ordinator


    The orchestrator of project success, she provides technological excellence and client support with unwavering focus, ensuring projects stay on track and exceed expectations.

at our core

8 things you should know about us

We devour challenges for breakfast and leave no room for leftovers
Precision is our obsession, where success is measured down to the tiniest detail.
Efficiency flows through our veins, making us masters of getting things done.
We turn organisation into an art form, painting a masterpiece of productivity.
Our Chief Technology Officer is a walking Swiss Army Knife, armed with a diverse skill set that will blow your mind.
We don't just think, we act. Action is our middle name and our favorite verb.
Innovation fuels our fire, and we slip it in our morning coffee and infuse it into every brainstorming session.
Our keen problem-solving skills make us the Sherlock Holmes of problem-solving, uncovering solutions with relentless determination.

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