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How to Boost Your Carousel Posts with the AIDA Method


We see signs every day. Grabbing our attention, instructing us on what to do, and keeping us safe. I mean who wants to be on the receiving end of a Cockatoo with a serious attitude problem and a freshly sharpened beak? But how can we transfer these attention-seeking strategies into high-functioning marketing strategies?


As we all know by now, social media does wonders to a business. Imagine the reach that you can have by using a social media platform to showcase your business and find your target audience/customer. With social media’s power and continuous growth, we’re certain that it isn’t going away.

According to an article by Visual Capitalist, the average internet user spends 2.5 hours a day on social media platforms. And among the top 5 social media platforms with a high amount of MAU (Monthly Average User) is Instagram, with over 1 billion Monthly Active Users.

With this said, there are a lot of potential customers among Instagram’s audience and that leads to brands striving to get their attention and following. Ultimately, you would want to grow the number of followers you have and increase your reach. All it takes is an understanding of how Instagram works, so you know how to connect with the right people.

One of the most effective methods that currently work on the platform according to Chris Do is using the AIDA method.

What is the AIDA Method?

In marketing and advertising, the AIDA method is one of the oldest advertising effect models agencies take on when building campaigns to drive sales for brands. It pinpoints the different stages a person goes through when buying a product or service*. Commonly attributed to the American advertising and sales pioneer Elias St. Elmo Lewis.

AIDA stands for:


Attention – The initial step in this model wherein a brand tries to catch a potential customer’s attention towards it. This is where you get people to care about what your brand is and what you are going to offer.

Interest – Once a brand catches the customer’s attention, start arousing their curiosity to keep them engaged. This is where you should work on increasing their level of interest to encourage them to stick around.

Desire – As a customer’s attention is caught and interest is mounting high, this is where a brand gets a customer to go from “I like it.” To “I want it!”.

Action – The last and most important part of this model, getting your customers to take action is the ultimate goal. When the first 3 steps have been applied, this is the part where a brand encourages the customer to take action, whether by purchasing or availing of a service.

The AIDA model is a perfect structure to follow in Instagram Carousels because this posting format on Instagram is a great way to build up your story.

In terms of social media here’s how you can apply this method:

Instagram Carousels

One of the best ways to produce quality content is through Instagram Carousels. These are a series of photos/images in one post that can be viewed by swiping. Creating Instagram Carousels are a great way to provide valuable information to your audience that can be consumed easily.

However, there are times that carousels don’t work, because the content was created haphazardly. One of the best ways to avoid the guesswork in creating an effective carousel post is through the AIDA method.

First started by Michael Janda, then taken up by Chris Do and The Futur team, they have built a framework around the AIDA model for carousel posts. They use the model slightly differently instead of attention, interest, Desire and action they have replaced the desire with details. This is because they want to create genuine value for the audience rather than selling something – building trust and rapport – and not all aspects are created even. There is more of an emphasis on maintaining interest as you can see in the model below.


Attention: Start with a compelling headline. It has to make your target audience stop scrolling and take a look at your post. Get them to care about what you’re about to share.

Interest: Share with them information that will arouse them. Remember to keep giving the information in bite-sized pieces to get them scrolling to find out more.

Detail: Once you’ve caught their attention and reeled them in with interesting information, make them want to drive to the last point by providing details that highlight the benefits of what you are sharing.

Action: Invite them to do something with calls to action (CTA). It can be something as simple as inviting them to follow, like, or share what you’ve just shared with them.

When you’re finished, the AIDA starts to look a little more like AIIIIIDDDA.

The Bottomline

Building up your following on Instagram is one of the most solid strategies to get your brand to be noticed and supported on social media because Instagram has been consistently keeping its momentum as being one of the top platforms. But you don’t have to burn yourself out by constantly churning content after content to throw out to people. As long as you understand how the constant changes on Instagram work to your advantage and find ways to provide value to your followers, the numbers will rise consistently.


Shamal Wijeweera

Managing Director

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