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Is your brand really just a logo?

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Often we see organisations rebranding themselves as a part of their corporate strategy. I have been involved
in some of these campaigns and every single time, I have realized something. They always rebranded for a
cultural shift. Yes, there were many times that big corporations like BP used rebranding as a scapegoat soon
after a major disaster, but even that was to change their culture, to show that they are trying to be more
socially responsible.

So what does this mean?

It’s quite simple. Your brand is simply an extension of your organisation’s culture. Your marketing team can
come up with wizbang brand logos, taglines and all the bells and whistles, but if your organisation cannot live
up to the image that they create, your brand is destroyed and the logo image you rely so heavily on is in ruins.
As seen with the Nike Child Labour scandal, once people lose trust in your brand, it’s quite hard to regain it
back. Especially when a single bad online review can put a permanent black mark on your business.
So how do you maintain your brand value?

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First thing is to recognise that your brand is a reflection of your culture – so create a culture statement that
resonates with you and customers. Here is ours for a little inspiration…

We are committed to creating and delivering clever, strategic, and beautiful marketing designs.
We consider our clients and team as a part of our family. We foster a fun and enthusiastic workplace and
believe your education is never complete. We believe in equality in all areas and encourage our team
to show the world the special things that only they have.

We align ourselves with people who have the same mindset who want to achieve something greater than

Secondly, make sure that everything that leaves your business – either digitally or in the real world, is a
reflection of your brand (this means everything from business cards and brochures to receipts and invoices –
everything is a reflection of your business).

Thirdly, be the kind of business other people want to be a part of. If you are a great business to work for,
with a strong culture, your brand and quality of work will follow.

Shamal Wijeweera

Written by

Shamal Wijeweera


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