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5 Simple Ways Web Maintenance can protect and grow your business

It seems you can’t go a week these days without a new hacking scandal. So how do you protect yourself and your users?

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Every website on the internet is published with a specific aim. This aim may be driving more traffic to your offline store, engaging in more businesses or educating people about your services. As you build your digital empire, you will be faced with many obstacles and challenges – both creative and technical.

Maintaining your website properly will help you to overcome them while ensuring your website is secure and protected. In this article, let’s find out the 5 simple ways web maintenance can protect and grow your business.


Every day there are millions of websites hacked worldwide (we see you Optus). This can be due to outdated plugins, vulnerabilities in the website, weak passwords, etc. Websites built with WordPress and Joomla are particularly vulnerable to the above-mentioned problems. If you maintain your website regularly by checking any vulnerabilities and providing necessary precautions, then there will be a significantly lower risk of your website being compromised. Although you can do this on your own, we highly recommend bringing in an expert – either in security or web maintenance – to ensure you are always covered.


Data loss can happen due to the unavailability of the web hosting service, corrupted plugins or malware. Because of that, you might have to re-create your website from scratch and re-add all the data you need (i.e. all your text and images on your website). If you regularly create backups of your website and the database, you can easily restore your website when there is a data loss or a failure. 

Plugin and Theme Updates

If you’re using a website built on top of a CMS (like WordPress), you will frequently get updates for your plugin and theme. These updates contain new features or “patches” to the older features. These updates also include security and performance which will enhance the speeds of your website and protect your website. 


Some websites drive the growth of your business. In that case, paying attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Analytics tools such as Google Analytics is important. Search Engine Optimization helps your website to rank on search engines based on specific keywords. When you analyze the traffic through analytics tools, you can find more avenues to grow your business and rank your website. When you maintain your website regularly, you can easily do that. 

Uptime Monitoring

It is important to monitor the uptime of your website to make your website available to your customers all the time. When we monitor the website, we can see if the website becomes unavailable to visitors at anytime and start to troubleshoot this.

A two-panel meme featuring Drake. In the top panel, labeled 'UNMAINTAINED WEBSITE,' Drake appears disgusted and dismissively waves his hand. In the bottom panel, labeled 'MAINTAINED WEBSITE,' Drake smiles approvingly and points at the label.

Website maintenance is important for many reasons. If you maintain it, it will create great results. At LBX Agency, We do our best to drive massive results to your websites. Find out how we can help you build a powerful website with great results by booking a free discovery call.

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